Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Emphasis: Strengthen the hips and make the press stronger.
Lots of  double 32kg cleans, presses for 1 and 2 reps, maintaining the squat with d-24kgs and
slowly adding volume with D32kg swings.first week 3x5, week 2 4x5.
Adding Farmers 1x per week.
The first week a bunch of d_32k  singles, doubles. But the focus was more on the hips. Seems to be working,
Stopped feeling fresh even though I know could have gotten the last triple press.
Just taking this very slow being carefull not to over tax the CNS with to much volume to soon.
Goal Double 40kg press
Goal 2 Become what I call fluent with 2X 32k bells in press, squat, snatch and jerk.

Arm bar, bretzell
Halo, goblets, 16k swings, Double 24kg  BUP cleans, 24k presses 2x3
Main set
Clean and press double 32kg ladders 1,2,3    1,2,3   1,2
D-24kg squat 2x5

Double 32kg swing 5   with
Double 32kg Farmer
x 4 rounds

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Training

Early morning 8am mobility and 9am relax into stretch with clients.

1pm Training
16kg halo
swing transfers 5/5/5/5/5/5
Goblet squat 16kg x 5

Double 16kg mil press 3x3
Double 24kg BUP press 1x1
Double 24kg Mil press 3x3
Double 32kg cleans 3x3
Double 32 kg single 10 sets of 1
Double 24 kg FSQ 2x5
Double 32kg swing 3x5

Sunday Training

Mobility + Hip flexor stretches

24kg 2 hand swing x10, 32kg x10
Windmill 24kg 2x  5/5
Goblet 24kgx5, 32kg x5

Main set
24kg double Bottoms up press 1x1
24kg double mil press 3x3
32kg double mil press ladder 3 x 1,2
24kg double mil press 5
32kg double cleans 3x3
24kg double front squat 2x5
Double 32kg swing 3x5

Various stretches

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back on the Blog

 Any time I know I'm going to attend an RKC event Level I, II, Easy strength, CK-FMS I feel its my duty to be able to pass all tests if called upon.
Also found true in my training,  when Dan John says hes always 3 weeks out.
For me being 3 weeks out has always meant thats how long it takes me to get my 1/2 body weight press back in order.
So I was super pumped on Tuesday when the 40k went up 1R/1L after just 1.5 weeks of 32kg 1,2,3 ladders x just 2 or 3 rungs with 12k pull-ups of various grips.
Basically ROP with BUP on all single reps with the 24kg.  All of a sudden 3 BUP per side is locked in.

The Snatch test however is a different story. Some lose sleep over it, some say its just an entrance exam, for me it's one of the reasons I signed up for the RKC in 2008. I went to the RKC with 5 months of ETK under my belt and had know idea people even used Double KBs, I went to see if I could survive, it looked like the best challenge since retiring from Professional Motocross. I showed up for an ass kicking.
What I learned at the RKC has changed my life as it has for so many others. It has also doubled my income.
Most of my business is Super Joints, ETK, Naked Warrior, Kalos Stenos,  TONS OF Relax into Stretch, and all the rest.
Back to the Snatch test,
As an RKC I believe this is something that needs to be maintained at all times. Now thats just my opinion, of course some have certain training goals that may have to give up test maintenance.

The first time I attended SR RKC Doug Nepodal's KB class, most of which were heading to the 2009 San Diego RKC Cert. After  Mobility and a few get-ups, Doug knowing I was an RKC and at the time heading to Level II in the near future, looks over with a grin and says Snatch test.

Now folks, I had just trained 3 days in a row prior to taking Dougs just class for the hell of it. I was in know mood for snatch test,  but if you Mr or Mrs RKC are in the presence of a Senior RKC an your called out on the snatch test.                                 YOU BETTER HAVE IT!

See you all in San Jose!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Press Day

Foam roll


Partial get-up 24 kg 1/1x3
double 16k SLDL 5/5
24kg Goblet

Kneeling press 24 kg  3/3 x 2
1 leg standing press 24kg  3/3x2
This really sets me up for the main sets
15 min   x      24kg   1  bell   long cycle clean and press pull-up   ladders   1,2,3 x 4 rounds  only
rep 1 was always a bottoms up press, nailed all of them.

24kg 1 arm swings 10 right/ 10 left on the minute x 8 sets

This is a play segment from last Thursday:
Let me know what you guys think of my bent press style, you never get to see yourself or have instruction from another RKC .

Kettlebell Strength Journal: New Short Video

Kettlebell Strength Journal: New Short Video: A friend of mine shot this little clip Thursday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8oxdr-rmNs&feature=share via @ youtube